Motivating, Encouraging and Transparent

Corretta Doctor delivers powerful lectures on staying in control of life amidst situations derived from stress, abuse and generational destruction. These topics are spoken from personal experience, literature content and current statistical data. Corretta is a dynamic speaker as she presents every message with clarity, passion, and eloquence. 


As a Field Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Corretta Doctor is committed to helping people save their lives or the lives of someone they know from the perils of depression, stress and related mental health conditions that lead to suicidal ideation. Corretta is passionate about her efforts in supporting this cause, which includes community walks, advocacy, volunteering and education.




*The Realistic Approach to Discovering Your Best Life Now


* Discovering the Positive Energy Hidden Within


*Academia Leadership Training: Managing Stress In and Out of the Classroom


*Effective Leadership: Focusing on Diversity, Culture & Communication


*Organizational Team Building: Reducing Stress In A Fast Paced Environment

*Success, Stress, and Suicide: Steps to Save Yourself or a Loved One


*Intergenerational  Stress: Helping Descendants of Traumatic Stress Move Forward


*Corporate Stress Management/Career Planning: Charting a Course of Success


*Family Legacy & Growth: Rebuilding Broken Bridges


*Finding A Place of Peace: Life After Sexual Trauma


*Forgiveness: Steps to Begin the Process of Letting Go of Hurt, Anger, and Pain

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