Consulting Services

Corretta Doctor provides one-on-one Strategic Business Consultation to every client; creating a course of action for immediate business growth, national expansion and exposure, along with an aggressive approach to tackling each Client's "laundry list" of things to accomplish in their business. No one service is the same. Every service is effective.

Corretta has represented a long list of men and women, and children in business. In addition, Corretta has extended her skills and experience to some of the World's largest Corporations and Defense Contractors. With 25 years of solid experience in negotiating, managing and establishing contracts, Corretta is well versed in business. As an active member of the National Contract Management Association, and armed with a college degree in Accounting, a second degree in Business Management and a multitude of professional development training, Corretta is the go-to person to help you assess and achieve your business growth.

Sharon R. Harris

Author, Speaker, Coach

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